Stainless Steel Checkered Plates for Multiple Applications

Ferusche offers some of the most reliable products on the market, including world-class checkered stainless steel plates.

Ferusche is a leading manufacturer of stainless steel products for various applications. We export large quantities to different countries around the world.

Some of our most popular products are checkered stainless steel plates, material types 304, 316, 304L, 316L, and 430.


Applications for these stainless steel plates vary. Many industries use checkered stainless plates for treads on factory, manufacturing, production, and even store floors. Aside from their capabilities as flooring decks, stainless plates with checkered and similar patterns are also used for decorative purposes.

Checkered plates are also used in some households, such as in bathtubs, and in industrial kitchens. Their unique qualities of corrosion, heat, and alkaline resistance make these products perfect for some food as well as chemical applications.

Quality You Can Trust

Ferusche is highly capable of producing and exporting stainless steel checkered plates in large quantities. We can also customize these products based on your unique needs and specifications. Best of all, you can be sure of the quality of our products, as they pass international standards.

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