Our state of the art manufacturing facilities and years of knowledge make Ferusche one of the top stainless steel manufacturers in the world.

Energy, petrochemical, food processing and equipment, milling, clean water supply, architecture, agriculture, transportation, pharmaceutical, medical, and many other industries depend on the availability, strength, and reliability of stainless steel.

Stainless Steel Company

From harvesting and manufacturing to delivery to end-users, stainless steel suppliers perform a huge role in any economy around the world.

Stainless steel possesses several features that make it the material of choice for many of these processes, including its high resistance to corrosion, the relative ease with which it can be made and kept sanitary, its smooth surface, its very low maintenance requirements, and its 100% recyclability.

As one of the leading stainless steel manufacturers around the world, Ferusche is ready for the challenges of today’s economies in their need for top quality stainless steel.

Safe for Food Processing

With Ferusche as your stainless steel company of choice, you can be sure that the most sophisticated techniques are used in manufacturing the products you need. Our food-grade stainless steel — Type 316/316L — is one of our most popular products. Its high resistance to contamination and corrosion, along with the non-reactive, non-absorbent, smooth surface, ensures the steel is non-toxic. You can maintain the purity of your water, food, pharmaceutical, and chemical products when you use our stainless steel.

We Trust You to Trust Us

Trust that we are stainless steel exporters fully capable of listening to what you need. If you cannot find the products you need from our list of products here, you can give us a call and we will listen. We might just be able to customize the product you need using our state of the art facilities and our years of knowledge in the stainless steel industry. We understand that you are investing in the materials, tools, and equipment that make your business run, and we, too, are investing in your future. That’s why we are not so big that we couldn’t listen to your requests. We price our products based on their value to you, and not on the cost of producing the machine that lets you manufacture your own products. This is how you know you are getting quality for a fair and reasonable price. This is how we propose to begin earning your trust. After all, we have to trust each other before any construction is done.

Why Use Our Stainless Steel?

According to Young’s Modulus, stainless steel is as stiff as regular steel. Stainless steel, however, has several properties that make it more desirable to use in different industries.

Ferusche produces some of the best types of stainless steel in the world. We stand apart from other producers of this alloy because our steel has the following characteristics:

  • Our stainless steel’s aesthetics gives it much more appeal. With a wide range of colors and surface finishes available, we can produce the stainless steel your project needs.
  • It allows you to save without compromising. As our stainless steel has high tensile strength and is highly malleable, you can enjoy different uses of less steel without worrying that the load-bearing capacity is suspect..
  • It allows you more freedom in terms of design, as its level of stiffness does not necessitate too many supports along great distances. .
  • The 10% chromium content of our stainless steel gives it a self-repairing value, which means its capacity to withstand normal wear and tear for a long period enables not only design freedom but cost savings over the long term. In short, the cost to own of our products is even lower than the cost to purchase any type of stainless steel needs.

Make a difference in your industry.

Call us for a quote on your project and get a chance to use some of the best stainless steel available on the market today.