Stainless Steel Bars Shield and Protect your Infrastructure like No Other

The world has seen a number of strong, destructive natural catastrophes whose magnitudes and damage were unheard of in history.  These are cyclones, earthquakes, forest fires, and floods. Although no construction material was spared from their onslaught, stainless steel bars have unsurprisingly withstood major destruction.

Perhaps due to its non-corrosive properties which can resist high temperatures and tension from tremors, stainless steel bars are  among the parts of the building and structures left standing and unscathed in the ruins.

stainless steel bars

The Only Stainless Products Produced in Many Shapes

Ferusche is a leading stainless steel bar manufacturer that features a wide array of stainless steel products.  Among these, stainless steel bars come in the most extensive variety of shapes and sizes.  Be they flat, round, square, rectangle or even the uneven channel bars, Ferusche manufactures them.  Just express your needs, even the ones not done before.  We just might be able to do them for you.

Safe, Cost-effective and Preferred by DIY Advocates

Moreover, stainless bars can be reused, recycled and reshaped as they are highly customizable to desired multiple widths and lengths.  Its flexibility and service life are unsurpassed.   

These characteristics of construction materials are what today’s Maker Movement bank on.  Even the Do-It-Yourself (DIY) mindset resonates with these stainless steel properties:  smooth surface, resistance to rust, sanitary qualities, durability and low maintenance.  No other materials can boast of similar advantages rolled into one.

The stainless steel’s benefits of longevity, environment safety, public health, and breadth of applications far outweigh the initial high cost outlay needed at the start of any project.  The former is incomparable and may even mean saving lives in the end.

As you may have figured out by now, Ferusche is not afraid to invent and innovate for its customers.

We also comply with the Philippine National Standards of the Department of Trade and Industry to meet the emerging industrial and sophisticated requirements of developed and emerging economies

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