We not only make stainless steel work best in your factories. We make sure they last.

Ferusche is ready to meet the huge market’s need for stainless steel.  The ASEAN Economic Community (AEC) has opened up more doors and greater possibilities for manufacturing companies.  

Like AEC, Ferusche will transform the region into an Asian Pacific trade hub where free movement of goods, services, investment, innovation and skilled labor will mean taller skyscrapers, wider facilities and infrastructure without compromising quality, public health and the safety of its people.

Exporter of stainless steel

Since its inception, Ferusche has gone out of its way to educate, assist and walk through not just its employees but also the many institutions that have a stake in ensuring our cities are built with an eye to sustainability.  

We recognize that there is a need to retire the old construction materials that have had been proven to destroy the environment.  Rust, corrosion and corruption as results of poor metals and their giving in to pressures of the elements present real and present danger to our society.

Promoting Excellent Engineering through Constant Innovation

Ferusche is a leading exporter of stainless steel that is not afraid to invent and innovate just to ensure our homes, workplaces, and plants are safe and will not break down due to corrosion.

As one of the largest stainless steel manufacturers in the region, Ferusche has consummate professionals who have chosen to devote themselves to  excellence.  They strive all the time to improve the  stainless steel products , which are indispensable in the everyday lives of millions – from kitchen utensils and food processing equipment to pipes and tubes of our waterways upto the industrial machines of manufacturing plants and the strong pillars of  towering skyscrapers.

End-use applications for stainless steel worldwide is virtually endless

To supply the needs of nearly all industries, Ferusche has invested in high-end machineries that are crucial to the development of architecture, transport, aerospace, heavy industries, power and petrochemical, medical and chemical processing.  The capability of these machines make their output save the company on time and costs.

We price on the basis of value, not on the cost of producing the machine. With this approach, it can save our customers tons of financial resources and  worrisome dilemmas in the long run.  

We can’t deny that the cost of structures made of non-stainless steel substantially increases over time while the cost of stainless steel structures significantly remain constant.

We believe that the value of the natural resource should not be determined by its current economic utility and that it should be protected, enhanced and multiplied through the use of advances in manufacturing and information technologies.

Purity and Perfection equal Sustainability

The call of the times requires that we mitigate the effects of climate change, Ferusche leads in ensuring food processing equipment for beer, dairy, sugar and coco oil, to name a few, are in tip-top shape.  Its 10 percent chromium is a passivating alloy that ensures our steel is free from contamination of lead, fungi and bacteria.

Likewise, our water sanitation and treatment facilities would only function best if stainless steel pipes and tubes are installed in the facilities.  Ferusche is at the forefront of stainless steel tubing supply — manufacturing them and seeing to its right applications.  The various grades are tested and calibrated to deliver optimum results.  

Our after-sale services mean that materials left over from the construction are tested again for proper identification and labelling. This avoid unnecessary wastage on the part of our clients.

Benchmarked with the World’s Leading Standards

Ferusche’s products and processes are benchmarked with the global best practices. It  is ISO-certified and is an active member of industry associations such as the Federation of Philippine Industries, Inc. and Philippine Iron and Steel Institute.

More importantly, Ferusche voluntarily complied with the Philippine National Standards for stricter enforcements of stainless steel quality and to meet the sophisticated requirements of economies.

The company’s processes are based on science. We know our products, their strengths and weaknesses and they know which grades work for certain types of environment and kinds of pressures.

We offer comprehensive, professional and honest-to-goodness consulting advice to business partners. The goal is to work with our partners and come up with the recommendations that are most viable for their needs and most suitable for the environment.

Leadership is a philosophy owned by our employees

Our employees and their knowledge on the advantages of stainless steel and its various applications are our greatest assets.  We acknowledge that this is one level of sophistication that depends a lot on our people.

Small wonder the traits and variety of  the stainless steel products in our arsenal excite the senses and exalt the soul.

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