Top Quality Stainless Steel Round Bars for Machining & More

Ferusche is one of the stainless steel producers that can supply you with the top quality stainless steel round bars your project or process needs.


We manufacture and ship stainless steel round bars for applications in different industries around the United States.

Ferusche is one of the most trusted stainless steel round bar suppliers in the country for a reason.

As one of the leading stainless steel producers in the world, we supply to different industries.

Uses of our round bars include the following:

  • Our stainless steel round bars are some of the most important products used in the machining industry. With their highly reliable corrosion resistance properties, our round bars play a vital role, without which the machining industry may grind to a halt.
  • Our stainless steel round bars also have uses as fasteners and grills.
  • Apart from millions of machine parts, they are also used in many automotive components.
  • They are used in construction and manufacturing industries around the world.

With the strength, durability, corrosion and acid resistance of our stainless steel round bars, your projects, processes, and various other applications can achieve optimum success

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